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"If we had 10 million dollars we would still go to Odessa, but even if we had no money, we would still go there and find any way to be self-supported and plant the church!"


That is how much the lost and the least mean to us.




 Unfortunately, because of visa and other legal reasons, it is not possible for us to go to Ukraine and take a job. If we want to plant a church there, and therefore have a religious visa, we must raise our own missionary support.

We want you to know our hearts because in the last few years we "repaired tents" and really lived by faith as most of Yves' healing and prophetic ministry has been directed towards the poor. "We have given you an example that by working hard like this we should help the poor" (Acts 20:35).



budget.jpgMONTHLY BUDGET - 3000$


-800 dollars (US) for renting an apartment (usual prices in the centre of Odessa)

-1100 for the church/ministry (salaries for our staff, initial renting of church building and evangelism, traveling, US furloughs, etc...)

-1100  for our own personal needs (food, health insurance, schooling and other activities for children, transportation, etc...)

In other words, with only a thousand dollars for a family of four, we are willing to live very simply among the Odessa people, well within the average income.





As our plans to move from Canada to Ukraine become clear, we will let you know the total moving expenses. This will mainly be for the plane tickets for the whole family, some funds to live on until we find a place to rent in Odessa, as well as to buy some basic things like dishes and furniture.


As soon as we have our entire budget secured, we will be able to immediately leave, which means it can happen anytime this year (our goal is to raise everything this year)



  • You will help us start an amazing church that will win 1% of the city and bring relief and hope to thousands of poor and oppressed.
  • That church will inspire many to restore a more biblical way of doing church.
  • A win-win relationship. Every time I will be visiting you and your church, I will hold a  healing and prophetic ministry in your midst (if you want) demonstrating that the God of the poor can touch the rich as well.




 Today, all we can offer you is our vision, but

in 1-2 years we will have results that will speak for themselves.


At that point, you will be free to no more help us because it will be much easier for us to find new support, as people like to give to a cause that has tangible and positive results.


Therefore: please give us a small chance to start today so that tomorrow many doors will be easily opened.


We cannot raise missionary support within the denomination we are part of (the PAOC, the equivalent of the AG in the USA), because we have neither a Canadian citizenship nor a green card. Our Canadian home church is very limited financially and we do not know any wealthy donors or large churches. As I said before, in the last few years God has directed much of my healing ministry towards "those who cannot repay you back" (Luke 14:14). All we have is around 30-50 potential donors, so we really need some miracles. As Albert Einstein said: "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though there are no miracles.  The other is as though everything is a miracle".

Would you please be willing to make the miracle come true? Give us a chance to pack our suitcases and in 1-2 years you will be able to see if our vision was from God or not.