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Yves' view of the charismatic world PDF Print E-mail
I agree with everything that Lee Grady wrote below:

1. Let's reform our theology. The Holy Spirit is the third person of
the Trinity. He is God and He is holy. He is not an "it." He is not a
blob, a force, or an innate power. We must stop manipulating Him,
commanding Him and throwing Him around.

2. Let's return to the Bible. The Word of God is the foundation for
the Christian experience. Any dramatic experience, no matter how
spiritual it seems, must be tested by the Word and the Holy
Spirit's discernment. Visions, dreams, prophecies and encounters
with angels must be in line with Scripture. If we don't test them we
could end up spreading deception.

3. It's time for personal responsibility. We charismatics must stop
blaming everything on demons. People are usually the problem.

4. Stop playing games. Spiritual warfare is a reality, but we are
not going to win the world to Jesus just by shouting at demonic
principalities. We must pray, preach and persevere to see ultimate victory.

5. Stop the foolishness. People who hit, slap or push others during
prayer should be asked to sit down until they learn gentleness is a
fruit of the Holy Spirit.

6. End all spiritual extortion now. Christian television ministries
must cease and desist from all manipulative fundraising tactics.
We must stop giving platforms to ministers who make outlandish
claims of supernatural financial returns, especially when Scripture
is twisted, deadlines are imposed and the poor are exploited.

7. No more Lone Rangers. Those who claim to be ministers of
God-whether they are traveling evangelists, local pastors or
heads of ministries-must be accountable to other leaders. Any
who refuse to submit their lives to godly discipline should be corrected.

8. Expose the creeps. Churches should start doing background
checks on traveling ministers. Preachers who have been hiding
criminal records, lying about their past marriages, preying on
women or refusing to pay child support should be exposed as
charlatans and shunned if they do not repent.

9. Stop faking the anointing. God is God, and He does not need
our "help" to manifest Himself. That means we don't sprinkle glitter
on ourselves to suggest God's glory is with us, hide fake jewels on
the floor to prove we are anointed or pull chicken feathers out of our
sleeves to pretend angels are in the room. This is lying to the Holy Spirit.

10. Let's return to purity. We've had enough scandals. The
charismatic church must develop a system for the restoration of
fallen ministers. Those who fall morally can be restored, but they
must be willing to submit to a process of healing rather than
rushing immediately back into the pulpit.

11. We need humility. Ministers who demand celebrity treatment,
require lavish salaries, insist on titles or exhibit aloofness from
others are guilty of spiritual pride.

12. No more big shots. Apostles are the bondslaves of Christ, and
should be the most impeccable models of humility. True apostles
do not wield top-down, hierarchical authority over the church. They
serve the church from the bottom up as true servants.

13. Never promote gifts at the expense of character. Those who
operate in prophecy, healing and miracles must also exhibit the
fruit of the Spirit. And while we continue to encourage the gift of
tongues, let's make sure we don't treat it like some kind of badge
of superiority. The world needs to see our love, not our glossolalia.

14. Hold the prophets accountable. Those who refuse to take
responsibility for inaccurate statements should not be given
platforms. And "prophets" who live immoral lives don't deserve a
public voice.

15. Let's make the main thing the main thing. The purpose of the
Holy Spirit's anointing is to empower us to reach others. We are at
a crossroads today: Either we continue off-course, entertained by
our charismatic sideshows, or we throw ourselves into evangelism,
church planting, missions, discipleship, and compassionate
ministry that helps the poor and fights injustice. Churches that
embrace this New Reformation will focus on God's priorities.