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Why having conferences on health? Is being healed not enough?


“It is interesting that the words “whole” and “health” come from the same root (the Old English word “hal”, as in hale and hearty). So it should come as no surprise that the unhealthiness of our world today is in direct proportion to our inability to see the whole” (Peter Senge, the Fifth Discipline)

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Unless all you care is to be healed today and be sick again from the same sickness within a few years, I believe you need to hear the following:

First of all, let me again overemphasize that cancer, heart strokes, diabetes and the vast majority of sicknesses in today’s world are absolutely NOT the will of God. We may argue if someone gets run over by a truck whether it was God’s will or not, but let me be insensitively clear about the following: most of the sicknesses in today’s world are NOT the will of God, as they are NOT caused by Him, but by us, humans beings. We have in regard to sickness and the will of God a double standard that I will never accept: For instance, if someone heavily smokes, drinks and finally gets sick, we will all agree that it was not God’s will for that person to die. Now, why on earth cannot we have the courage and humility to admit that the same is true of cancer and the overwhelming majority of diseases that characterize our sick society? Is God the reason we so stupidly pollute our environment, that we stress ourselves with every possible means, that our whole eating and living style is completely wrong? Is God the reason that we are so amazingly ignorant about the causes of today’s diseases?
We should become aware and be educated that most of us have wrongs thoughts and feelings about God and ourselves, that we eat too much, not healthy and balanced, that our bodies are too intoxicated, that our life style is too urban and far too sedentary, that we do not know how to properly rest and sleep, that we have lost all the needed contact with nature, that most habits that we have so easily accepted are slowly killing us every day and that we do almost nothing to change such a reality. We should face the fact that Satan has a “final solution” plan of extermination throughout our world, and when cancer, strokes and diabetes come, we should not come up with those profound and beautiful justifications that God wanted this to happen!  

I am possibly willing to accept that God allowed us to die of some sicknesses that are not caused by us, and of which we ignore the origin. But to accept sicknesses that are directly caused by us, that we could easily avoid, and of which we know the causes, this is a fact I cannot and will never accept! It gets me almost angry when people blame God for being the One who allowed such sicknesses to happen, when in fact it was our fault! It would be just the same if people said that God wanted our planet to be filled with poverty and pollution and we just have to accept it as being part of His divine plan! This is a lie. Satan has a major conspiracy in our society to shorten the lives of as many people as quickly as possible! God is NOT responsible for any of this, He never wanted it in the first place, and He never planned it. If this is true, we must change our thoughts and life styles, we can have every hope to be healed and we can align ourselves on His side, fighting against everything that causes us to be sick!

My mission in regard to health is not only bring the good news that God wants us all to be healed, but that we can acquire PREVENTIVE habits in our life style that will keep us healthy and full of vitality. Too many people today survive to not get too sick, to not be too tired, to not have too much arthritis or Alzheimer's. This is not a proactive and godly attitude. We should have an outlook on our lives that gives us the wisdom and assurance that we can have health, strength and vitality, and that our old days will be a “golden age” and not a “rusty age”. For this, we need to understand some elementary and biblical health principles in the following five areas:

1)    Emotional and spiritual foundation
2)    Food and supplements
3)    Cleanses
4)    Physical exercise and rest
5)    Environment and hygiene

During my health conferences, I cover those five above topics in an extremely practical and challenging way, and allow for enough Q & A time at the end of each section. I can have the whole conference for two hours or more, depending on how much you want to know. But this time is usually enough, because they give enough life changing principles to apply!

So, if you desire to not only to be healed of diseases for which I will gladly pray for you, but want to know ways to avoid them from coming back, I encourage you to give me a few hours of preventive teaching afterwards. God wants you to enjoy a strong health, full of vitality and strength!