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How to invite Yves Perriard

Four Steps to Scheduling a Healing Meeting
1. Look at the Calendar on the web site, and see which dates are free.

2. Preferably call me first at +1 (604) 583-6111 (Home) or +1 (778) 668-8221 (cell) Pacific time, and if not reachable send me an email from this website in the section “contacts” (or at the e-mail address you already have from me)

 3. Receive a written confirmation from me.

4. If you make the travel arrangements one month before the meeting, please shortly confirm again the invitation.

Detailed information About Scheduling a Weekend or Weekday Healing Meeting

Usually, most larger groups will want to schedule a weekend seminar. A normal weekend seminar schedule consists of 3 or 4 meetings. Friday and Saturday nights at not later than 7pm. and Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10am. If the Perriard are in the geographical area, they can even schedule a single weekday meeting or a series of 2 or 3 meetings running Monday-Thursday evenings at not later than 7pm. Weekday meetings are better for smaller groups meeting in homes or groups who do not want to pay travel expenses and are willing to wait until an opportunity arises when Yves Perriard is in their area for another meeting.

Travel, Food and Accommodations

Yves Perriard will be traveling from Surrey in British Columbia, Canada, which is close to the Vancouver airport. If the distance to the ministry location is within 200 miles, he will drive to the meeting or he will make arrangements for someone to drive him. If the distance is greater, then air travel is indicated. Tickets should be purchased by the inviting ministry or individual no later than one month before the meetings. Purchase of the tickets is final confirmation. Electronic tickets are acceptable in most situations. International invitations may be the exception and paper documents are needed. Sometimes Anna Perriard, Yves’ wife may travel with him if the ministry can afford her ticket. An inquiry about her coming is interpreted to mean that she is invited and she will determine if she can come. If no mention of her is made in the invitation, we assume she is not invited because of the cost of travel, meals and accommodations. This is acceptable and is understandable for smaller ministries and home meetings. Yves and Anna Perriard will stay in a home or a hotel/motel while doing the meetings. Either is acceptable. Yves and Anna eat absolutely everything, but if possible, they prefer not having “junk and fast food”.


The Perriard Family live by faith and the principle of "freely you have received, freely give". There is no fee or minimum offering for any of the healing services, but I only ask that the people attending be given the free opportunity to give at each meeting to support Yves Perriard ministry. If needed, on Sunday mornings there can be an offering for the hosting church and another for my ministry. Checks are accepted and must be addressed to “Yves Perriard”. If you want your check to be tax deductable address it to “Valley Community Church”.