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There are many important questions regarding healing, and we will address them as this site is expanding, but for now we just wanted to address some of your concerns by exposing the basic questions and convictions we have in regard to healing:


What is the main cause of sickness?
Sickness is not from God, but from Satan who wants to inflict pain on people and eventually kill them. He works at this purpose by using all sorts of means, whether through the stressful lifestyle and terribly unhealthy eating habits of our society, through pollution, the stress of bad relationships, guilt and unforgiveness, demonic or past influences, accidents, etc:Whatever the cause, the cure is always the same: God is the ultimate source of our GLOBAL health, whether it'd be physical, emotional or spiritual.  Jesus came to destroy the works of the Devil, and when we understand this, we can act accordingly.

If Satan is the cause of all evil, could it be then that most sicknesses are "spiritual"?
No, most sicknesses are simply physical, but as we see it in the Gospels, about a quarter of them are "spiritual", since they have a demonic origin. This does not always mean that demons are literally inside the people, although it can be, but it indicates that a big percentage of the sicknesses can have a spiritual cause. It is often so with "irrational" diseases that have no real medical explanations, although we can never draw conclusions. The fact is that very same sickness can be physical in one person, and spiritual in another. Whatever the cause, we should never worry and look within ourselves, but look at Jesus, the Healer and Deliverer.

But is there not something good that we can take in being sick?
Sickness can always teach us some good things, especially if it leads us to change and no more be sick, but ultimately if there is any lesson, the best one is to turn our focus on Jesus. If sickness gets us inwardly focused by thinking that we are not humble enough, not loving enough, not mature enough, then we are NOT going in the right direction. The purpose of every problem in this world is NOT to make us look more into ourselves, but to make us seek God, the source of every good thing. When Job got in troubles, He kept on looking to His God and eventually He DID receive a positive answer. This what James points out in his epistle, and he concludes that we should do the same today.

So what is the will of God regarding healing?
Jesus is the perfect expression of the Father's will. Every action, every word and every attitude of Jesus reveals the heart and the mind of the invisible God. When we see Jesus, we see the Father. So if Jesus ALWAYS healed ALL who came to Him, WITHOUT EVER PUTTING ANY CONDITIONS ON THEM, what does this tell you about the will of the Father? Is not God the Father showing through the Son that He wants all people to be healed?

As far as we are concerned, we believe that Jesus is the PERFECT and FINAL expression of the will of God for all men and for all times, and this includes healing. This is why we should take today the Gospels as our instruction manual for any questions regarding healing. If you look indeed at the reasons and methods Jesus used to heal people back then, than you will understand why and how He wants to heal us today.

If Christ healed all who came to Him, why is that not everyone is healed today?
They are many reasons for this, but the most important are the following:

First of all, after centuries of medieval theology that kept the Church in darkness and ignorance regarding the question of healing, we are only starting today to restore the whole truth regarding healing. This explains our huge lack of faith and experience, which in turn explains our lack of results. This is especially true in our rational and self-sufficient Western world. We have not learnt to imitate the simple child like faith of  many third world Christians who frequently experience miracles and supernatural manifestations in their lives.

Secondly, because of this, we are full of theological and psychological doubts and this prevent us from receiving healing in the same simple way as the multitudes received it when they came to Jesus or the apostles. We need to confront and remove those doubts so that we can have a SIMPLE faith in Jesus.

Finally, we do not understand that we are all in a process of regaining the full potential of what Christ accomplished for us at the cross. When Christ died for us, forgiveness, healing and every other blessing was included in His atonement.
This is what we POTENTIALLY have in HIM, even if our human reality is still not matching what took place on Golgotha.

In God's eyes, we are completely forgiven in Him, even if we struggle with guilt and unforgiveness.
In His eyes, we are completely pure, even if this does not match what we perceive about ourselves.
In His eyes, we are completely filled with the Holy Spirit and completely capable of every good work, even if we do not see the full realization of this in our lives.
In His eyes, we are completely healed, even if we struggle with our human reality.

In other words, EVERY blessing has ALREADY been given to us in Christ, even if our experience is still not matching this eternal and unchanging truth. So let us not change this amazing and SIMPLE truth that God already accomplished everything for us in Christ, and let us learn to see ourselves how God sees us through Christ Jesus!

Is salvation not more important than healing?
Salvation, healing, deliverance and full restoration are all the same words in the Greek of the New Testament, and this clearly indicates that God, just like a good caring Father, is as much concerned with our physical healing as our spiritual healing. He cares as much as what happen in heaven as what happens on earth. In fact, He is so intensely interested in EVERY aspect of our life that Jesus showed this truth every day of his ministry! He healed people, He fed them, and He cared for their physical needs just as much as their emotional and spiritual needs ! Salvation is far more than an entrance ticket to heaven. It is a deliverance from every evil that Satan has inflicted on us in this world, and it starts here and now!

What about very spiritual Christians who were sick and even died from it?
First of all, this is a self-defeating way of thinking because we all stand ALONE before God. We should never compare ourselves to anyone, thinking that we are less spiritual or mature than others. It can lead us in the temptation of not trying to seek healing for ourselves, thinking that if such great persons did not get healed, than we have very few probabilities to be healed.

Secondly, we can NEVER know for sure what is in the heart of someone else. We sometimes are deceived about our own hearts, so how can we make conclusions about what is in the hearts of others ? For instance, how can we be so sure that people we admire did not have doubts themselves?

Thirdly, if those persons were alive today, what would they tell you? Would they not encourage you to look up to Jesus instead of looking up to them?

Are you saying that those people did not have enough faith?
Let us never judge anyone, nor make judgments in the place of God Himself! God alone knows the hearts of every man, and He is the One who can say who has enough faith or not. It is not our responsibility to make people feel guilty, we are only here to teach and encourage as many as possible to focus on Jesus and NOT to take any human being as a standard of faith and truth. We may try to help by giving some reasons why some people main remain sick, but it should always be done in a spirit of humility, compassion and with great patience. We are all in the same boat, as we are all subject to be attacked by all kinds of sicknesses and tragedies throughout our lives, so let us be humble and loving in this ministry of incredible grace.

Are you saying that God remains sovereign and so He does whatever He wants, whenever He wants, with whoever He wants?
Not at all! On the contrary! The fact that God is a Sovereign Lord should not make us fall into this passivity, this fatalism and eventually this delusion that He wants us to remain sick. Our biggest problem in the area of healing is not our lack of belief that God can heal us, but our undefined doubts, sometimes unconscious, that we have built between God and us. Most of us have no problem to believe that God wants us to be well, but few of us are willing to face and confront our doubts. Let us bring our doubts to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, the One who accepts us with TOTAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and amazing healings and miracles will be ours!

Are you implying that God does not put any particular conditions on anyone in order to be healed?
Exactly! This is why the Good News is really good news, and why so many people can so easily receive healing. The fact that Jesus healed "the good, the bad and the ugly" was a living demonstration of His grace in the physical realm. Grace means total unconditional acceptance, no matter who we are and what have done, and many Christians have a hard time accepting this truth. The Church has put so many conditions for people to receive healing that very people actually receive it. Religious legalistic teaching is telling us that there is something wrong with us, that we are not enough this, that we are under curses, that we have not repented of this, that we have not forgiven that, that we should do this, etc: and the outcome of all this is that people keep on looking inside of themselves instead of looking to Jesus!

The Gospels (Gospel means "Good news") show us that Jesus never put a single condition on anyone to receive healing. He never taught any of those false doctrines that fill up churches today. EVERY time people came to Jesus with faith for themselves or in bringing someone sick, they received healing. There is NEVER an exception to this in the entire four Gospels. So if there one condition to look for in healing, it is to simply accept that Jesus never put any ! This may be the most difficult condition to accept for some people, but the most liberating for others!
What about if my faith is too small to accept this?
Come with whatever faith you have, however small it may be! It is not the amount that matters, but the focus of you faith. Stop looking at yourself and fix your eyes on Jesus. If "your faith is as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains" said Jesus. God sees your heart and this is enough, because God is NOT a perfectionist.

When will this happen?
When you come to Jesus, as you are. It may be that you may want to come to Him through a Christian who will simply pray for you (which is the reason we have a healing ministry!), but you can receive it alone in your room. If you do not receive it right away, not do give up. Faith is about perseverance, and healing can come in gradual stages. It has been our experience that many people have received their healing in a progressive way, over many days and even months, and so it is extremely important to look at the glass half full and not half empty, being convinced that the One who started His good work in you will finish it up until the end.