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About our style:


Our healing services are conducted in a very simple, relaxed, sensitive and orderly manner, ...with none of the HYPE characteristic to certain ministries!!!

    *      Our healing services are conducted in a very simple, relaxed, sensitive and orderly manner, :.with none of the HYPE characteristic to certain ministries!!!

    *      We never shout, jump around, kick people on their foreheads or behave in such an emotional way that people feel uncomfortable, because:

    *      We want people to focus on Jesus, and not :.on us!

    *      Even in the rare cases that we cast out demons, as some sicknesses can related to them, we purposely keep them under our authority and tell them to leave quietly. It is our policy to create a relaxed and orderly atmosphere so people can focus on Jesus, and not on what is going around them

    *      We never appeal to emotions, nor ask for money

    *      We take every disease seriously, but at the same time we allow ourselves to laugh and take it easy because we know that it is NOT us doing anything, but Jesus!


What we teach

The two main priorities of our teaching:

    *      We have a Christ-Centered teaching that seeks to focus on what the New Testament reveals of Christ and His followers, which means that we often preach from the Gospels

    *      We clearly and practically encourage people to identify their doubts so they can get rid of them and come to Jesus without them!


How does the service go?

    *      The inviting church can make all the announcements before and have a time of worship that possibly does not exceeds 20 minutes (we do not want the service to go too long as some people need to go home not too late!)

    *       We teach for about 40-50 minutes. Count the double amount if a translation is needed.

      We may have a short time of Q & A if the church is small and it is the only time that we visit them, but usually it is not necessarily as we have already covered most of the fundamental questions through our teaching

    *      We then lay our hands and pray for EVERY individual who desires to be prayed over, which usually takes between 1 to 3 minutes for each person, and much longer in the cases when a healing is slow but demonstrates a visible miracle. (Like someone hearing or someone walking out of a wheelchair, etc:) Generally, count about an hour for one person praying for about 20 persons. We encourage you therefore to have people from your own church praying with us, so that it will make the whole service shorter. We believe that God answers as much through your own people as through us.

    *      Leave the service open-ended, and make sure that people with children or elderly people come first to be prayed for.


What you can do to prepare yourselves for the service

    *      You don't have to "create" or wait for a super atmosphere of "anointing". If the Anointed One (Christ means exactly this) is present in the meeting and in your hearts, and we believe He is, than everything will be anointed!

    *      You don't have to have a super worship before, even if it may be very nice. Just relax; people are not healed because of what they feel, but because of what they believe.

    *      You don't necessarily have to have long fasting before, although fasting is always excellent. It is not that fasting brings the healing in itself, but it definitively sharpens our perception of what God wants to do for us.

    *      You don't have to fall on the floor every time we pray for you. In fact, it is not recommended, as some people falling "automatically" may adopt a passive attitude, instead of participating with us in the process of healing.

    *      You don't have to search for what may be wrong in you or in your church in order to be ready for a great healing service. You will never be reay enough anyway. It is His Grace that brings healing, not your perfection.

    *      You don't necessarily have to have prayer teams that are hidden behind the scene while the service goes on. Let them hear, see and enjoy what is happening on the stage!

    *      Have FAITH! In other words, expect the most awesome service, and through prayer thank God in advance. We always have people healed in our services, so this fact alone is worth praising God in advance.