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It has been our long-term policy to refrain from giving what might be seen as medical advice. Not only is it unwise for us to offer medical advice, it also may be illegal. If you or your loved one is ill or injured enough to be under medical care, we strongly recommend continuing that medical care.

Sometimes because people are confused about healing they sometimes think that they must refuse medical care to prove their faith to God. We believe that this is very wrong thinking. Christ never indicated in any way that there was some sort of test that someone must pass in order to receive healing. Just because someone has a testimony that they quit using their medicine before they were healed doesn't actually prove that God was requiring them to quit using it. They may be misinterpreting the circumstances.

A word of common sense... if you are still facing real symptoms, you still might need medical care. You may be standing in faith for healing but you might still need medical care until you completely receive the manifestation of healing. In our experience, it is NOT necessary to discontinue medical care in order to receive healing. Many people under medical care receive divine healing. Remember Jesus healed everyone in the multitudes when they came. Many of them certainly were under the care of doctors and they received healing. Not one of them was required to stop medical treatment to receive healing.

We strongly encourage you to continue medical care while you are seeking divine healing. We cannot help you decide whether or not to start, continue or discontinue a medical treatment for yourself or for a loved one. This is not our realm of expertise. If you are unsure about a particular treatment, then seek another medical doctor's opinion but please do not ask us.

We can only offer the words of Christ as evidence that He was not against doctors since he said  that "those who are sick need a physician", and it seems clear as well that Paul had no problem with medicine since he encouraged Timothy to take some wine for his stomach.